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Home of the TCS, Corona, Bushman & Beast...


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My opinion that Cherry Valley Deli and Grill returns value to the community it serves. For those of us who need a late dinner or early breakfast this place fills the bill. The scrambled egg sandwich roll was fresh and ditto chicken ad gyro just prepared and arrived still warm. Cherry Valley a much needed community resource.


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Cherry Valley is one of those local food places that everyone in Queens knows about. I tend to go late nights on weekdays so I don't have issues with parking or lines. The sandwiches are always good and freshly prepared. The people at the counter are always courteous as well. Is it overrated? Yeah probably, but where else can you get a decent sized sandwich at 2 am?


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Sometimes it is hit and miss but overall it is one of the best hot Deli's in NYC. The "Something Italian" is my favorite! The 'TCS' and 'Bushman' are tasty too. Something for everyone.


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Cherry Valley Deli & Grill is, in my opinion, worth every penny that I have spent so far, the food that I have ordered has been delicious, and had been delivered in a timely fashion.


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Cherry valley never disappoints, the only downfall is that I'm a bit far away so when the food arrives it's a little cold. The taste is amazing though and well worth the wait. A+++

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Cherry Valley always on point. Best food you can get after all the others shut down for the night. You might wait a little more than an hour, but it's worth it. Food is all amazing, breakfast, lunch, or dinner.


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Always a dependable and consistent late night spot. The team is fast an friendly. A weekend night without them would never be complete.


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I have been going there for many years, their food is always delicious and service is great. I recommend to friends and family.


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very good and popular place went here for over 20 years and still good no change in quality consistant


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Delivered fast and food was exactly what I thought. Great sandwich. Perfect munchies.

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Takeout: 12:00 AM - 12:00 AM

The brothers (Max, Tony, Danny & Joe) opened up Cherry Valley 32 years ago and since then from The Chicken Sandwich (TCS) they have created over 2 different types of heros, wraps, rolls and appetizers and there are more sandwiches to come.